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Welcome to OFFROADlife 4x4 advertising. Please see the table below for rates. We will design your banner which will be shown in nearly every page of the website and will also share your business within our Facebook Group 3 - 4 times a month to give you exposure there as well. By advertising with us you get your business seen by over 12,500 members alone and by doing so for a small fee you help with the costs involved in running our website and the reseach that goes into the information it provides. Thanks for your support.

  • 1 month $100.00 (plus one off $40 banner design fee).
  • 3 months $250.00 (plus one off $40 banner design fee).
  • 6 months $400.00 (plus one off $40 banner design fee).
  • 12 months $700.00 (free banner design).


  • Banner shown throughout the website
  • We place an add for you 3 - 4 times a month in our Facebook Group
  • Monthly reports on webclicks for your banner - upon request
  • Help support the Navlife team.