RDA D40 Rear Genuine Brake Drums & Shoes – Nissan Navara D40 All Variants

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Ever moving forward, RDA Brakes announces significant product finish changes and improvements, to its range of Brake Rotors and Brake Drums. Our new finish incorporates features that will appeal to the motoring public and resellers alike. All brake rotors and drums are now supplied with a black passivation finish, similar to the blueing process used on gun barrels. This easy to wipe off finish, replaces the need to wash down the heavy duty packing/storage oil, used in the past. A sure winner with reduced fitment times for all fitters. The passivation process, increases surface rust resistance on those areas, away from the braking surface.

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RDA Brakes has Australia’s “Largest and most comprehensive” range of brake Drums.

RDA have a full range of Brake Shoes that are made to suit our Drums.
Drum brakes are still used in some modern cars and most smaller cars, because of some engineering and cost advantages. They are often applied to the rear wheels since most of the stopping force is generated by the front brakes of the vehicle and therefore the heat generated in the rear is significantly less.

Drum brakes, like most other types,are designed to convert kinetic energy into heat energy via the process of friction. This heat is intended to be further transferred to atmosphere, but can just as easily transfer into other components of the braking system. Brake drums have to be large to cope with the massive forces that are involved, and they must be able to absorb and dissipate a lot of heat. Excessive heating can occur due to heavy or repeated braking which can cause the drum to distort, leading to vibration under braking. Excessive heating of the brake drums can cause the brake fluid to vaporise, which reduces the hydraulic pressure being applied to the brake shoes.

Therefore less retardation is achieved for a given amount of pressure on the pedal.

The effect is worsened by poor maintenance.

  • If the brake fluid is old and has absorbed moisture it thus has a lower boiling point and brake fade occurs sooner.
  • Brake fade is not always due to the effects of overheating.
  • If water gets between the friction surfaces and the drum, it acts as a lubricant and reduces braking efficiency.
  • The water tends to stay there until it is heated sufficiently to vaporise, at which point braking efficiency is fully restored.
  • All friction braking systems have a maximum theoretical rate of energy conversion.
  • Once that rate has been reached, applying greater pedal pressure will not result in a change of this rate, and indeed the effects mentioned can substantially reduse it.
  • Ultimately this is what brake brake fade is, regardless of the mechanism of its causes.
  • When replacing brake drums, care should be taken in relacing the brake fluid and brake shoes, in all instances.
  • All RDA brake drums are covered by our 12 month 20,000km warranty.
  • Our comprehensive range is not limited to just recently released vehicles, but also includes applications for many older vehicles dating back to the 1950s.

RDA’s comprehensive range of quality brake shoes, are now available in asbestos free material sourced from the worlds best manufactures to ensure the highest quality.
RDA Brakes have been supplying Australia with bonded shoes since 1998.
“ECE 11 R90 APPROVED for vehicles within ECE, All RDA Brakes brake disc’s, brake drums, brake pads, and brake shoes are made to the same exacting standards.
“How brake shoes work on your car”.
When the brake pedal is applied, the brake shoe is forced outwards towards the inner surface of the Brake Drum, to impede the vehicle’s speed.
Excessive application of the brake can lead to a reduction on the braking performance.
Other causes of reduced braking with a brake drum set up can be the following:

  • Excessive heat build up thru heavy or repeated braking.
  • Water or moisture on the brake shoe or inner brake drum.
  • Normal wear and tear of the brake shoe surface or the brake drum.
  • Contaminated or old brake fluid.

As reduction can be gradual over time, it is important that brake shoes and drums are checked regularly, as part of a normal service.
Anytime you need greater force to slow or stop your vehicle or you feel a vibration under braking, an inspection of the above brake items, should be undertaken to avoid complete brake failure.




  • Navara D40 2007 onwards REAR


  • Drum Diameter 295mm
  • Machine Face 70mm
  • Hub Hole 68mm
  • Drum Total Width 89mm
  • Drum Wear Limit 296.5mm
  • 6 Stud holes
  • Rear Fitment



  • 1X REAR Left Drum
  • 1X REAR Right Drum
  • 1X REAR Left pair brake shoes
  • 1X REAR Right pair brake shoes

Drums are a direct bolt on item, fitting exactly like the factory items and not needing any other modifications.

Navlife is an authorised RDA & EBC brakes supplier, purchasing with us means you have a full extensive Warranty as outlined above. Buying from an un-authorised reseller will compromise your 12 months, 20,000Km warranty.

* All Brake products from Rotors & Drums Australia are covered under a extensive 12 months 20,000 Km replacement warranty.The product is not covered when used in off road, competition or club racing purposes and is designed for normal street use only. Parts are not covered if incorrectly fitted.


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