MANN ProVent 200 LC 5001 X – Replacement Element ONLY 3931051950 (not the complete unit) Suits ProVent 200

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Made In Germany by the original & the Best – MANN+HUMMEL.
You receive the replacement element & o-ring seal as well.

Highly efficient oil separation as a closed as well as an open system: • Maintenance friendly: fittings are not removed during element maintenance • Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems • Provides ideal protection for turbochargers and other components installed downstream.

When to replace the ProVent200 element

After a pressure differential of 28-30 mbar. Generally this is achieved after 1000 hrs worth of use. In kilometers that would be approximately 40,000 km taking into consideration different speeds and idle time. But all engines are different, so the key “blocking” culprit is the amount of soot being presented to the filter, hence filters may block up earlier. Therefore the key indicator of a blocked element is oil around the lid of the ProVent 200. The lid is where the by-pass valve is situated and any “venting” will present as oily deposits on the outside of the lid.


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