Windbooster Module for Nissan Navara D22 (WB326)

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The Windbooster Throttle controller reduces throttle lag and improves the response from the vehicle’s fly-by-wire accelerator to wake it up and make the acceleration feel less lazy.

The Windbooster is providing new points of reference for the vehicles throttle mapping. It is still working within the standard parameters; however, it introduces a far sharper throttle curve. It is also bringing the throttle in earlier throughout the pedal stroke to reduce throttle lag/dead zone in the pedal.

The Windbooster throttle controller modifies the voltage signal from the fly-by-wire pedal assembly to allow you to tune the response from your accelerator pedal and greatly reduce throttle lag. The Windbooster plugs directly into your pedal command module and can generally be installed in as little as 5 minutes.


The Windbooster comes with four different modes to suit any driving style:

  • Eco- great for highway cruising and also great for rock driving as it allows the throttle pedal to bounce without any throttle input making for smooth driving.
  • No-which returns your car back to factory settings.
  • P1- the first-tier performance mode which sharpens your throttle for a touchier pedal
  • P2- the second performance mode to greatly improve your throttle for an even touchier pedal.

You can change through these modes at any times, which makes the Windbooster great for driving over different terrains in fast succession. Windbooster Throttle Controllers are fast becoming one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective modifications you can do to your car. Every Windbooster comes with a 3 years warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.



  • Mirrored glass finish
  • 4 throttle controller settings, Normal Mode, ECO Mode, P1, P2.
  • Windbooster throttle controllers sharpen vehicles throttle response
  • Choose between responsive or dampened acceleration to suit various driving styles.
  • Reduces the latency / Lag on late model Turbo diesel & Petrol Vehicles.
  • Great benefits when towing, will hold the appropriate gear in automatic transmissions rather than having harsh kick down.
  • Suits both Manual and Automatic transmission vehicles.
  • Windbooster’s technology does not adjust fuel pressure, boost pressure or increase power of the engine management system. They are 100% legal and don’t effect factory car warranties.
  • No External power supply required, Plug and Play into your existing accelerator pedal, the throttle controller acts as an adaptor between the factory wiring plug and wiring loom.
  • 3-year Australian replacement warranty from Windbooster Australia, you will deal directly with us and not an overseas agent.
  • Fitting is extremely straightforward, as its plug and play the most difficult aspect is where to mount your controller module.

SUITS D22 NAVARA 2008-2015

  • Suits all D22 Navara Models with 2.5L engine
  • Suits Petrol & Diesel variants
  • Suits Manual and Automatic Transmission


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